Javea Villa

If you are looking for your first property in the sun then chances are you have your heart set on a villa in its own grounds with private pool. That seems to be the ultimate dream for many. But what starts out as the dream often changes as time goes by and many people find that they prefer the benefits of communal living.

So what are the advantages and disadvantages of each?

If you are big on privacy and seclusion then a villa on a quiet urbanisation will probably suit you best. You will have your own private garden and probably a pool.

If you choose well then you might not have any neighbours or if you do they might be far enough away that you are not overlooked at all. If you appreciate your own space and being able to use your pool whenever you want then a private pool would probably be best. The disadvantages of this are the costs associated with it. You will need to pay for the upkeep of the pool, unless you plan on doing it yourself, in which case there will still be costs for chemicals and equipment. Likewise with the garden, you will either have to tend this yourself or pay for gardeners to take care of it for you. Gardening in Spain is very different to gardening in the UK and you will need a different knowledge base to make the most of your garden out here. Depending on the location you choose it is very likely that most of the year your surroundings will be pretty quiet and peaceful. Another downside of living in a villa is that you will likely be a drive away from most facilities and not being able to walk anywhere might not appeal to you.

Apartment in Javea

Communal living is gaining in popularity and negates all the disadvantages of villa living.

However, each community will have communal fees that have to be paid on a monthly basis and this goes towards the upkeep of the shared gardens and the pool. Some communities have gym facilities and indoor pools. The downsides of living like this will be that your neighbours are going to be closer, a lot closer. If you pick a busy community there may be lots of noise especially in the summer months when holiday makers flock in. Communities have their own rules and there may be hours during the day that you cannot use the swimming pool – typically during siesta hours. Communities vary hugely in terms of facilities available and you can buy large townhouses that really don’t make you feel as if you are on a community. This type of living is typically found near the sea so you will find that most facilities are within walking distance but if you don’t like being too close to your neighbours then this probably won’t suit you very well.

Whether you want a private detached villa in large secluded grounds, or a townhouse on a community there will always be something out there to suit you. There are pros and cons to both types of living and only you will know which will suit you and your lifestyle better.