Javea at night

The two most asked questions for people relocating are “what healthcare facilities are there?” and “what are the local schools like?”.  We’ll try and address both of those options for you with a brief summary on each.


There is a fantastic national health service in Spain that is said to be a lot better than the equivalent in the UK. As a newcomer to Spain you will be able to access the health system as part of your EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) but when you are officially living here you will need to make other arrangements. If you are working and you have a full employment contract then your employer will make contributions for you which will entitle you to a SP card and allow you to use the health system. Do check with your employer what type of contract you will be on as some do not cover healthcare. If you do not get healthcare with your contract then you will need to use private healthcare. There are various private medical facilities around the area and you can expect to pay around €40 per visit. Alternatively you can take out private medical insurance, for a monthly payment you will be able to use the medical facilities, for a nominal fee each time. Note that if you intend to become a resident you will be required to prove that you have access to healthcare or that you have sufficient savings to cover you in event of requiring hospital care.


Javea has a good selection of schools from primary up to secondary level. There are Spanish primary schools in all parts of the town – the port, old town and arenal area. Two Spanish secondary schools are to be found in the port and the old town. You will need to decide if you want to children to go to Spanish school or private English speaking school. The latter, for a fee, will give you two choices – XIC (Xabia International College) and LES (Lady Elizabeth School). You should visit Spanish and English schools to see what will suit your children better. General opinion is that Spanish school is better for younger children, but if your children are approaching mid-teens then they may find the transition into a foreign school hard to cope with, especially as the local schools teach in Valenciano as well as Spanish. If your children are younger and / or speak Spanish and you want them to be fully immersed in the Spanish culture and become properly fluent in Spanish then you can’t go wrong with a Spanish school. You will need to register on the pádron and speak to the Casa de Cultura to find out which school or schools are in your catchment area. If you live near the Benitachell end of Javea you may be able to get you child or children into the primary school there – a very well thought of school that is often oversubscribed.

So you see, there are various options available for everyone, it will just take a little research to help you find out what will suit you and your personal situation the best. If you are looking for some first-hand experiences, Ashwells are always on hand to advise you.